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This is a winter version of my new Zara dress…

Jacket: Adidas by Missy Elliott

Belt: Accessorize

Tights: Lupo

Heels: Aldo


And here’s my Easter outfit:

Dress: Renner

Belt and tights: Accessorize

Ankle Boots: Jonak


c’est la vie, said the old folks

Ok, totally random post name, but I really don’t have any ideas right now lol

I was going to wear this the other night, but it was so damn hot I wore shorts and flip flops instead.

Dress: Zero Vinte

Top: Hering

Belt: Accessorize

Peep Toes: Emporio Naka

I bought this M. Officer dress for Christmas, but it needs to be adjusted, it’s too large – that’s why I’m not  a huge fan of strapless dresses… I love the color and pattern, though.

A pin-up inspired pic! lol

Dress: Farm

Necklace: Antique

Watch: Swatch

Bracelets: Swarovski

Purse: Renner

Sandals: Santa Lolla


Have a nice week 😉