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Happy Birthday

Today I become a little older! 21, but I’m still saying I’m 20! And since I’m a very modest girl, I have a very modest wishlist:

A Louis Vuitton;

and a pair of Louboutins.


h&m wishlist

I’m coveting these items from H&M. Bad thing is, there’s no H&M anywhere near me (I mean it – the nearest one is in the US) and even if there were, I don’t know if I’d have the money to buy all those things. Anyway, at least these are some ideas for the lucky ones who can actually buy some of this stuff:


1. I could really use a cardigan in a bright color, and it looks specially good for Spring (for you Nothern-Hemisphere folks)

2. A striped sweater is soooooo French! I love it

3. The same thing with bright colors, and I also love the shape

4. Plaid is the new black! haha Very British-looking, truly fancy

5. Very edgy as all things animal-printed should be. And I will only buy high-waisted skirts!


6. To me, this dress is perfection, the shape and the print are both flawless

7. Another fresh-looking dress for hot days


8. Lace-ups. My very favorite item for my upcoming winter

9. Also a very nice option to go with tights on colder days

10. These flats are just the symbol of spring to me. Love the print!

11. Wedges that look good with both winter and summer outfits

12. Love this color!

13. Even though I already have leopard-print flats, one can never own too much shoes!


14. This belt makes any boring outfit look a little brighter

15. I love the punky vibe of this bag, perfect with ankle boots

16. The same thing I said for shoes goes for bags: One can never have too many! And this tan model is so versatile!

17. A cute little heart-shaped locket. I just love these things…