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more shops

This time I found two super cute skirts:

The second one is really classic and didn’t look good on this pic, but it’s actually very nice.

And the outfit I wore:

My face looks so funny in this second one! Haha

Dress: Cavalera

Studded belt: Renner

And I hadn’t worn Chuck Taylors in ages!


if I was a rich girl…

I’d have all the money in the world if I was a wealthy girl!

Here are my purchases from yesterday:

This cute dress from Zara, even though I won’t be wearing it for a while – can’t stand long sleeves when it’s this hot

Another one from Zara, really cute!

This leather belt is from Renner, looks good with anything!

Great sandals from Request, and they were on sale so I paid like nothing for them!

Well, I didn’t buy nearly as much as I would’ve liked, but I intend to go on another shopping endeavour later this week. 

And this is what I wore to the mall:

Shirt: H&M

Shorts: C&A

Flats: Via Mia

international women’s day

I’m really, really uninspired today, so I’ll just post my outfit from a couple of days ago:

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Top: Miss Sixty

Vest: C&A

Shorts: C&A

Watch: Swatch

Flats: Emporio Naka


And I have a new pair of Aldo shoes! Beautiful 🙂

They absolutely don’t go with the clothes I’m wearing today, but pay attention only to the shoes!